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+ yasl
+ Yet Another String Library for C
+yasl is a simple dynamic string library for the C programming language,
+targeting C99 and C11, and forked from the SDS library that was split out from
+The yasl test suite is compiled with C99 and written using twbctf_.
+To compile and run the test suite, run the following command::
+ make test
+.. _twbctf: https://github.com/HalosGhost/twbctf
+To use yasl copy the contents of the :literal:`src` directory into your sources
+and include the :literal:`yasl.h` header into the files which need to use yasl.
+The new API documentation aren’t finished yet, but a copy of the old SDS README
+is available in :literal:`docs/README.md.sds`, and reading the yasl header and
+test suite will provide a foundation for how to use it.
+Every file in this repository, except for as otherwise specified in the file
+itself or in this README if not possible, is licensed under a 2-clause BSD
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