yawa Travis Build Status

yawa Travis Build Status

Yet another wallpaper application

yawa is a now feature-complete fork of hsetroot, because there hasn't been a release in over 10 years, because the upsteam website has been down for years, and for one because I dislike how it handled option parsing.

So here is yawa with rewritten option parsing using glibc’s argp, all warnings fixed and more argument checking, and hopefully also more readable. (God I don’t know how upstream fucked the formating up so badly)


  • glibc (argp argument parsing)
  • imlib2
  • libx11
  • clang
  • libbsd (strlcpy)
  • sphinx (man page)


<git clone>
mkdir yawa/build
cd yawa/build
cmake ..
sudo make install


When trying to debug yawa, run the cmake command with the -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=DEBUG arguments so that the binary is built with debug symbols for meaningful backtraces.


Every file in this repository, except for as otherwise specified in the file itself or in this README if not possible, is licensed under version 2 of the GNU GPL license