Kyriasis git hosting cheatsheet

Repositories can be created under your own namespace, (<username>/<reponame>,) and only users you give access can push to your repositories.

All repositories are by default public and can be cloned by anyone over the http and git protocols. Private repositories are available at request.

Create a new repository

Either just push to a repository that doesn’t already exist under your namespace, or explicitly create one with the following command:

ssh create <repo>

Delete a repository permanently

Repositories are locked by default to prevent accidental deletion, and unless you unlock it first it ends up in the trash and are unavailable directly, but isn’t actually deleted.

ssh D unlock <repo>
ssh D rm <repo>

Fork a repository from another user

The second repository needs to be under your namespace.

ssh fork <repo1> <repo2>

Show permissions set on a repository

ssh perms -l

Set permission on a repository

ssh perms <repo> + ROLE <user>

Remove a permission set on a repository

ssh perms <repo> - ROLE <user>

Show the description set for a repository

ssh desc <repo>


Set a description for a repository

The description can be seen either on the cgit web interface or over ssh

ssh desc <repo> <description string>


    Can push over ssh. Cannot force a push

    Can also force a push, be careful with this since it allows naughty things.